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Beth Hommel has spent half her life as a professional photographer, shooting portraits, headshots, candids, swanky charity events, rock concerts and weddings. Her images can be found in magazines and newspapers worldwide as well as on e-commerce sites, in pro-equality propaganda, and hanging on the walls of many satisfied clients. Many of her images were featured in “Who Killed Amanda Palmer: A Book of Photography Evidence” that included text by legendary author Neil Gaiman and several shots also graced the back covers of the accompanying cd and dvd.


Over the years, Beth has captured images of hundreds of people including politicians (Former President Bill Clinton, NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn); artists (Molly Crabapple, Katelan Foisy); actors & personalities (Stanley Tucci, Kirsten Vangsness, Mario Batali, Rain Phoenix, Anthony Bordain); and musicians (Purity Ring, Regina Spektor, Cut Copy, The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer, Mal Blum, Vermillion Lies, Fife & Drom, Abby Ahmad, SPACE).


Beth also shoots engagements weddings as part of the dynamic duo of Something Cerulean Wedding Photography.


Some of Beth’s fine art images are available for sale in limited and open editions on her webstore.

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