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Beth prides herself on her excellent communication with clients, which allows her to walk a novice through the design process as well as to zero-in on the vision of a particular individual. Experienced with working in fast-paced environments, her turn-around times are as fast as her work is thorough. Beth Hommel has created visual campaigns for clients ranging from non-profits to rock stars.

Her merchandise designs are worn worldwide by fans of acts ranging from rising indie artists Mal Blum and Fife & Drom to established alt band The Dresden Dolls. She was the art director and designer for “Who Killed Amanda Palmer: A Book of Photographic Evidence,” a coffee table tome featuring more than 100 photographs and the words of esteemed author Neil Gaiman. While working with the Food Bank for NYC, she conceptualized and executed invitations, journals, signage, and fundraising materials for events that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and designed an award presented to comedian Jimmy Fallon.

Beth can be contacted at

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